My Life as an Exciting Journey of Education, Empowerment & Enrichment

A little history: My life has truly been a terrific journey to date, for which I’m deeply grateful. It stands to reason that it’s precisely why I’ve devoted my career to helping others in every way I can. From psychology to chiropractic to integrated Life and Wellness Coaching, Group Training, Speaking Engagements and Mentorship to fellow leaders in my fields of passion and purpose: my life is a magnificent experience.

For 37 years in 2020, I’ve had the privilege of being educated and empowered by amazing teachers that have all, in their own way, shaped my world from many different perspectives. My journey has taken me from my place of birth in Kitwe, Zambia; to Balla Balla in Zimbabwe; to Durban and Cape Town in South Africa; and all the way up to leafy, luscious Marietta, Georgia, in the United States. After my international journeys across 4 countries, I decided to move back to the Mother City of Africa and make it my home again.

I have special memories and experiences from all these places, and consider myself fortunate to have lived such a varied and interesting life. I’ve integrated the science, art and philosophical aspects of Functional Wellness into all that I do, and for all the people I serve. After all, LIFE is about living! Wholly, fully and optimally. We can't feel fulfilled and genuinely happy unless and until we learn to incorporate all aspects of ourselves: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Where I am now: The enrichment brought to my life in service to others can best be explained by this: I help people Do more, Have more, and Be more!  Whenever I receive feedback from happy clients, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunity itself. That’s how we touch lives. That’s how we connect with fellow human beings.That's how we change the world and make it a better place for all: one by one.

Having worked with over 35,000 people from all sorts of varied experiences so far, the power of the human mind and body never ceases to amaze me!  My insatiable curiosity around human function and optimal wellness is what brought me into the field of Functional Medicine in the first place… and it only got better from there!

I've since learned to master the art and science of effectively integrating aspects of our neuro–musculo–skeletal systems, functional nutrition, mindset and mindfulness, and the effervescent psycho-emotional realms to offer my clients a truly holistic approach to health, wellness and wholeness. I do this through my unique TRIAD Framework (you can ask me more about that on a free Dynamic Discovery Call, no problem!)

Wouldn't you like to fuel your life with all the juicy abundance, fulfillment, health and happiness that springs from your 'well' of life? That's where we find our greatest physical resilience, growth opportunities, and mental and emotional inner power which is able to catapult us towards our best futures.

My unwavering desire to continue learning and improving my knowledge base has provided me with a unique combination of qualifications and experience, from my Social Science degree with a major in psychology, my Doctor of Chiropractic degree, my diploma in Applied Clinical Nutrition from the Academy of Nutrition in Sydney, Australia and my extensive study incorporating the principles and practice of Functional Medicine, offering the perfect platform to now share, on the global stage, this experience to educate, empower and enrich as many as I can reach.

If you'd like to know more about how I could help YOU feel happy, healthy and Terrific, too: feel free to reach out!

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A Few Highlights of my Life:


Here's a pic of myself with my two gorgeous girls!

"Family: like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions. Yet our roots remain as one." -- Author Unknown


A photo of world famous Chapman's Peak Drive, a short distance from where I currently live in Cape Town.

If you ever visit the Cape, get in touch!


Did I mention that Dr Joe Dispenza and I were in the same class in chiropractic school?

I can't wait to see him again and enrich more lives.


An old photo of me in my paramedic uniform...

See?! I've always had a calling to help others, especially in times of trauma, distress and emergencies.