Individual (1:1) Coaching Services

All my Online Coaching Services are rooted in the principles of Functional Wellness and Integrated Health, and founded in the philosophy of chiropractic.

I incorporate my proprietary TRIAD of Health Model, developed over 37 years of practical experience and implementation with people from all walks of life, and I apply my clinical nutrition expertise into the targeted strategies I develop for each individual.

What We Cover in our 1:1 Coaching Packages:

The short version: a lot! Because it's about YOU... And only you. No two people have the exact same starting point or end goal.

A little more detail: When we start our 1:1 Coaching Sessions together, we begin with where you are right now, and where you want to get to. From there, we'll run through everything from your history and existing influences (both internal and external) across all 3 key areas of focus, and you'll be guided as to how to incorporate it all into your future. There's no "one size fits all" for every individual, because we are - quite literally - made up of different 'stuff'!

Although we cover a range Functional Wellness Indicators, here's where most people need coaching support:

  • Understanding your truest biological nature and your current systemic vulnerabilities
  • Overcoming any mental and psycho-emotional blocks or other deeply rooted patterns of behavior
  • Diving deep into the physical aspect of your body itself, your current state of well-being, as well as how we'll create a plan to boost your holistic health and wellness going forward
  • We'll run through a variety of exciting topics relative to your specific situation and goals, such as your body's innate healing and regeneration capabilities, how your nutritional intake affects you on a molecular level (either adding to or detracting from your energy), and your Pro-Life and Pro-Death communication to the cells within your body
  • We work through your thoughts, feelings and emotions and monitor where they're empowering or adversely affecting your optimum function as a human being
  • Lastly, we'll also continually work on your mindset, mind-fullness and other mental components as we re-wire aspects of the physiological neurochemistry within you.

Here's the TRIAD Summary:

  • T - Triple-Layer Transformation
  • R - Regenerate & Revitalize
  • I - Intrinsic Inspiration vs. Macro-Motivation
  • A - Affirming your Pro-Life Messaging Systems
  • D - Dynamic Wellness for your Whole Being

Everything we accomplish together is tangible, practical and very functional. All my 1:1 Coaching Services are tailor-made with YOU in mind from the get-go. If you resonate with any of these Core Client 'signals', you're in the right place! You will leave feeling empowered and educated about your unique structural, nutritional and psycho-emotional WELLNESS as a human being. Perhaps most importantly, you'll leave feeling deeply enriched from the inside, out.

PS: You'll also be given a number of handy tools, tips, strategies and worksheets that you can keep forever!

Coaching Bundles:

  • 6-Weeks Fast Focus < Fast Action Package: This is a more affordable option for Clients needing urgent results on a specific matter in a short space of time. Click Here for more info.
  • 3-Months Transform your Wellness World Package: This is the most popular bundle, preferred by clients across the USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Europe and New Zealand. This is because it's commonly agreed that it takes a minimum of 90 days to see massive transformation for anyone - mentally, emotionally and physically. Click Here for more info.

"I listened to an online talk delivered by Dr Kevin Lentin recently.  What impressed me most was the genuine sincerity, no magic, no bells and whistles, but a practical and logical way of tackling all round well-being: physical, emotional... There is so much out there in the field of self help, and I was tempted to leave it at that, but I was inspired to sign up for a mini 4-part kick starter online. We covered a wide spectrum in a very short time... Dr Kevin did not waste time on anything that was not pressing for me, but honed in on exactly what I needed right then.  In short, by the last session, I was literally “blown away”!

I have been given better insight which has helped me with direction and life purpose, some really practical tools, and feel very inspired. If you think you know it all or have tried it all, you are doing yourself a disfavour. 

I would highly recommend you be in touch with Dr Kevin Lentin. Anyone can do it... I did it all the way from Ireland!!"


So, in which areas of your life are you feeling out of balance, unfulfilled or depleted of energy?

Is it those extra unwanted kilos?

Is it general muscular tension causing constant headaches, lower back pain, neck pain or fibromyalgia?

Perhaps you've got digestive problems such as IBS, food intolerances or bloating?

Maybe you're experiencing chronic fatigue, and find life too overwhelming overall?

Or are you feeling downright depleted, demotivated and disillusioned?

Allow me the privilege to guide you back to feeling Terrific again!

Let's get on a Complimentary 30min Call, and I'll share how you can turn your Lifestyle - Right Now - into your 'therapy' at home!