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Making It Snappy: Let's get you results, quickly!

During our initial Complimentary Discovery Call, we'll figure out the best way to move you through your most pressing matters right now.

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What do you need most urgently? What areas of your life requires our laser focused attention first?

Get the fast, functional and highly focused Individual Coaching you deserve.

  • Are you feeling out of balance, or not centered enough?
  • Feeling hopeless?
  • Feeling demotivated, depleted or discouraged?
  • Worried about your weight, hormonal imbalances, or any other health concerns?
  • Need direction, motivation, support and easy-to-implement lifestyle interventions that will change your life NOW already?
  • Are you just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?!
  • Perhaps you're simply emotionally drained and exhausted at the moment?

Let me take you on a quick, encouraging and uplifting journey of discovery, and show you what's possible for your life... even in only 6 weeks.

Let me help you get you back to firing on all cylinders, feeling in control, and back to your rightful state of happier, healthier Functional Wellness!

Let's work together and get you out of 'just surviving' to completely thriving with laser focus: quickly and efficiently!

No Surprise Fees. 

I will deliver exceptional value for and with you in a hurry, but you won't pay extra for it - promise! In my wellness world, word is bond.

No False Promises.

I'm committed to your overall health, happiness and terrificness all the way, and serving you with integrity, transparency and wisdom. 

No Risk.

Enjoy a free 30 min. Dynamic Discovery Call with no strings attached. It's about finding you the help you deserve, even if it's not with me.









All my 1:1 Coaching support starts with YOU in mind, from the very get-go. You will leave feeling empowered and educated about your unique structural, nutritional and psycho-emotional WELLNESS as a human being. Most importantly: you'll leave feeling deeply enriched from the inside, out.

It's Fast-Acting and Laser-Focused!

  • You pick one or two areas in your life you need the most support in right now, and that's what we'll focus on
  • It's an extended form of 'laser coaching' because our time frame is short
  • You can always extend your time frame with me after the initial 6 weeks is up, no problem

We'll infuse my TRIAD Model into whatever urgent challenges you need help with right now, and I'll give you weekly actionable tasks, tips and tools that you can implement from Day 1 already.

Once I know your Starting Point (where you are right now), and we uncover the results you're looking to achieve, then I can create our personalized 6 week coaching journey together.

How It Works:

  • We'll meet Live Online Weekly 60 min Power Coaching Sessions over a dedicated fast-action period of 6 weeks.
  • We'll cover anything you want to: what is your biggest challenge right now? What's hurt you the most with Corona, perhaps - your business, family life, your personal growth? Weight management or hormonal imbalances? Chronic medical conditions? Finding mental strength as you deal with anxiety or stress?
  • Let's eliminate your immediate hurdles one by one, and transform what was into what will be.
  • Payment Plan Available: Commit with only $180 followed by x2 payments @ only US$130 each.
  • Full Pay Discount: Pay a Once Off $390 and enjoy the savings!

It's about you, and only you. And it's purposefully laser focused to produce the results you're looking for.

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Ready to Revive your Life?

If you have a more questions, email me direct and we'll chat: coach@DrKevinLentin.life

Let's put the Focus where it's supposed to be: on YOU!