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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." -- John Quincy Adams

Being a leader, especially in challenging times, carries with it a large amount of responsibility. We're here to lead the way by knowing it, showing it, doing it, and acting in such a way that inspires others to follow.



"No man will make a great leader if he wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it." -- Andrew Carnegie

Without clear vision and foresight, we'll amble along any old road... and end up at any ol' destination. We certainly won't end up where we would've preferred! Strategic planning and vision for one's life is essential.



"A successful person finds the right place for himself. But a successful leader finds the right place for others." -- John Maxwell

We have the potential to touch the lives of people around the world, and to impart a positive impact. The sum of all parts is always an important consideration for leaders - personally and professionally.

All the greats of our time enjoy a mentor at their side. From Oprah Winfrey to multi-million dollar business owners, presidents and world leaders.

You don't necessarily hire a mentor because something is 'wrong' with your life, but because they're there to support you in becoming your happiest, healthiest and most terrific self.

Every business owner and entrepreneur should enjoy the benefits of having a mentor, because that's where our new leaders are born: starting, growing, managing and/or selling businesses is what contributes to the economic cycles across the globe. Aside from which, the entrepreneurial journey is also one of the toughest journeys a person can undertake to achieve.

I help leaders from all spaces: corporate business executives and CEOs, work-from-home moms who double up as entrepreneurs, Team Leaders in large companies, and independent professionals.

Because leaders tend to carry the most pressure in life, a lack of wellness is the most common side effect experienced by most. In fact, I've been known to say that I think entrepreneurs are some of the sickest people in the world!

If you're looking for a mentor to help you raise the bar in any or all areas of your life so you can evolve into your best self: Terrific!

Let's get you creating BIG shifts towards your life transformation and mastery.


From the United States of America to Ireland and throughout the UK...

Across numerous locations in lower Africa, and all the way down south to Australia and New Zealand: I've got your back.

I cross-pollinate my areas of specialty to bring out the best results for each individual by maximizing my TRIAD Model and the Functional Framework across the mind, body and psycho-emotional realms.

This is especially helpful for entrepreneurs and business owners.

How It Works:

The key differences between my Coaching and Mentoring Packages are:

1) No Set Weekly Hours (for the most part): there isn't usually any set time for the weekly Power Hour that we connect online, simply because I mentor business leaders and medical professionals around the world who either work variable hours on a shift rotation, or they travel extensively so we work across international time zones.

Thus, you enjoy far greater flexibility in terms of our online mentoring sessions.

2) Agreement Term: I currently only offer Mentor Packages in 6- and 12-month agreements, with the option to renew at a discounted rate should you not wish to part ways. I do this for many reasons I'd be happy to chat about on a clarity call with you. Most importantly, though, I truly believe that a mentor is supposed to stand with you as a 'silent partner' for the long haul.

3) Pricing: my prices start at US$5,250 for the 6-month package, and I'm happy to discuss a personalized package for you for a 12 month agreement.

  • Everything we do together is tangible, practical and very functional. All my 1:1 Mentorship is tailor-made with your specific situation at the forefront of our partnership, right from the get-go.

Allow me to help you Transform your over-stressed, overloaded world to Terrifically Thriving!

Schedule your Complimentary Clarity Call with me, or reach me direct through coach@DrKevinLentin.life.

Book your Clarity Call with me here, and let's figure out how best to take you from over-stressed to soaring!

Do any of these situations sound familiar?


Are you a jet-setting, go-getting, high achiever goal setter type of woman?!

Great! We need more of you in our world, and we need more of you to rise up even higher and lead it!


Perhaps you're a super-busy businessman who's had to shift his world quickly, with all that's happening?

I can offer the support you need as a fellow businessman and mentor.


You're a medical professional working hard at your calling, but the stresses, strains and daily despairs are taking its toll on the rest of your life...

Enjoy 1:1 mentorship with me, and let's change your world...


You manage a Team, whether you're the business owner or not.

Your position is important, because you're leading people and the company to greater heights.

A 1:1 mentor can definitely help, so get in touch!

Leadership & Life with Dr Lentin

"I have known Dr. Kevin Lentin for well over 18 years as a patient of his at his Chiropractic Clinic. I became increasingly impressed with his knowledge and expertise in Functional Medicine, and as a virtual Wellness Coach, Speaker and Trainer. 

I have partnered with Dr. Lentin a number of times to provide his professional input to clients of mine when I owned First Facilitation, a HR Consulting Business specializing in Leadership Development, Change Management and broad HR expertise. 

In my current role as Senior HR Manager heading up HR for Amazon South Africa, I have again partnered with Dr.Lentin to provide his Functional Medicine and Wellness expertise, and motivational speaking abilities, to our Operational Leaders as part of our ongoing leadership education and development. His subject matter expertise, together with his ability to engage and connect with the audience, has made a huge impact with our leaders and their ongoing development. 

I can strongly recommend Dr. Lentin to organizations looking to educate and upskill their employees and leaders in lifestyle management, wellness, and how to thrive in life." 

D Eaton - Amazon Development Centre, South Africa

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